Date of birth:

Competitions and results

November 2018

Kronenberg CSI2*,  135 and 145 class winner

October 2018

Verona CSI5 W*, runner up position 145 class

September 2018

Bagnaia CSI2*, 145 LR class winner

Arezzo, Young Riders Italian Champion

August 2018

Arezzo CSI3*, second place 155 GP

June 2018

Bojourishte CSI1*- W, 2nd place 150 Nations Cup, 9th spot in 140-160 WC ranking class

Dreams and thoughts

My mentor is Giampiero Garofalo, it can sound funny because he is a good friend and when I talk to him about this he does not believe it at all.
I've known him since I was young and I've always had great consideration and respect for him as a rider and as a person.

I grew up among horses, my grandfather still is the head of a Contrada for Palio di Siena, my dad is a rider and our house is at the stable. It has been a natural consequence to become passionate of this sport.

I really hope this journey with YRA will allow me to grow as an individual and as a jockey.