Date of birth:
Jos Lansink

Competitions and Results

November 19

Oliva CSI3*, 7th place Grand Prix

August 19

Dublin Horse Show CSIO5*, 150 class 3rd place, Grand Prix of Ireland 4th place

July 19

European Championship Zuidwolde - YR 11th place

June 2019

St Tropez - Grimaud CSI4*, 3rd spot in Grand Prix riding Fellow Castlefield


Dreams and Thoughts

My name is Susan Fitzpatrick. My friends sometimes call me Sue. I am 20 years old and I come from a beautiful city called Kilkenny in the south east of Ireland. It is a place in Ireland with great horse heritage. I loved playing sports in school like soccer and hockey but I caught the showjumping bug very early in my life and knew it was all I wanted to do. One thing that life with horses and showjumping has taught me is resilience and overall mental strength. I lost a sibling in recent years and of course like anybody else it affected my life for some time and continues to affect me but more so in a positive way now. I believe that horses have been the main driving force to keeping my mind healthy and have really helped the grief to ease. After that difficult time I worked for Marion Hughes and Miguel Bravo and gained some invaluable knowledge from them both before continuing my career with my own horses. I am honored and excited to be part of this years Young Riders Academy and believe they have the key to the doors that I need opened to reach the top of the sport.