Date of birth:
Czech Republic

About Me

I’m a 19 year old Czech rider based in a stable near Prague. I started riding in 2011 by quite a coincidence since my friend asked me to go to a horse camp with her. I couldn’t get enough of it ever since, so I began to compete 2 years later. I moved to a stable owned by the family Opatrny┬┤ and a few years later I started to train and compete under Ales? Opatrny┬┤, who is one of the best Czech riders. 
I don’t enjoy just riding itself, but I also love to groom the horses and work with them differently as well. I also enjoy the fact that you can’t predict, how the horse is going to behave that day and when you enter the show ring, you always enter as a pair. What I appreciate more than results is when I see that a horse is getting better thanks to our work.
I am very proud to be a part of the YRA project, which I have been following since 2017 and got really excited as the first rider from Czech Republic got selected. I’m looking forward to collect the most of it and expand my knowledge. As long as I’m not from an equestrian family, I still have a lot to learn. Finally, I also can’t wait to work with my new trainer for a while!

My Achievements

November 20

Valencia CSI2* 140 class 2nd place