My first days at Stal Hendrix by Elin Ott

I have been warmly welcomed to the stable. Here I rapidly noticed that Baarlo is a popular place for the equestrian sport... facilities for horses are all around.

At the Hendrix's, likewise, the environments and conditions for horse and rider are optimal. An example: the large sand arena and fields.

Well, now a new chapter of my life begins.

Until now I was working full time in the office and riding my horses in the evenings, arranging the shows in such a way that everything worked out together. Now I can spend all my time with the horses and put my resolution into training.

In early morning I organise the boxes of my two horses which I brought with me and I ride them right away. Later I work a few horses from the Hendrix. At the end of the day, by riding the different horses I always learn something new, but mainly I benefit from Emile's training which really helps me. He has a deep feeling with horses and he always understands their different personality. Moreover, he exactly knows what I must optimize as a rider. The experience that Emile brings with him is incredible!

Furthermore, the opportunity to be with my horses all day long is a huge added value, and I feel they already appreciate this new relationship very much.

I can undeniably say that I am really looking forward to the six months to come at Stall Hendrix :-)


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