Athenaeum’s key project is the young Riders Academy

The project consists in organizing a riding academy dedicated to young talented show jumpers.

The goal is to grow athletes and to educate them to a modern sport system, which requires further skills.

The program will give the chance to five/ten talented riders to get a long period of training and boarding at a well-known professional stable, with no costs.

On top of that, the program also includes professional education in communication, business and economics, veterinary and legal practice connected to equestrian environment.

The aim of the Academy is to assist in training and to help in preparing riders as future professionals in this sport.

The selected athletes are required to participate in the following programs:

  • Long tailor made period of training and boarding, with two horses, at an international stable with professional as Marcus Beerbaum, Jos Lansink, Ben Wim and Gerco Schröder, Henk Nooren, Marco Kutscher, Franke Sloothaak and Rodrigo Pessoa.
  • Sessions on economy for competition’s stables and events organization (event back-stage).
  • Roles and functions of National Federations (visit to a structured NF).
  • Introduction to basic horse veterinary concepts.
Thanks to agreements between YRA Board, Sport Manager and CSI’s Organizing Committees, riders are invited, often together with their tutors, to major CSIs throughout their educational period.

The Riders Academy team attends the following lectures:

Mental Coaching
Analysis and explanation of the most powerful techniques for mental training with the aim of improving performances in competitions.
The purpose is to teach the necessary skills so that the riders can manage their own resources to achieve top performance under stress.

Team Building
Analysis and explanation of the essential characteristics that every group needs to create in order to be a top performing team.
The purpose is to give the athletes the necessary skills so they can create around them the ideal team to reach their goals.

Business & Economics
Analysis of key guidelines required to create the basis for the cost-effective management of small entrepreneurial activities (stables / show jumping team / training center).
The purpose is to transfer the essential skills to the athletes so they can manage their own business with a good level of profitability.

Marketing & Communication
Analysis of the latest marketing strategies and best techniques for effective, persuasive communication.
The purpose is to transfer to athletes the basic skills so that they learn to promote themselves and their activity on the market and position their equestrian brand strategically.

Identification and explanation of typical legal arguments linked to a sale negotiation concerning horses. Analysis of the relationship between National Federation and rider, FEI and rider.

The purpose is to teach the athletes the general criteria which must be respected in buying and selling horses and to explain to them the rights and duties which link the rider to the FEI and the rider to the National Federation.

Veterinary and Anti-Doping
A study of horses’ bio-mechanical aspects.
Analysis and discussion on EAD and ERMC rules – list of substances and methods prohibited in competition.
The drive is to make clear to riders what they can and cannot do in training and during competitions.

Together with a lawyer, a survey on FEI procedures regarding anti-doping violations and practical cases.
The effort is also to make riders aware of the correct approach to an anti-doping violation claim.