The 2020, was an unprecedented year.

Most of our everyday routines have changed completely and to secure YRA’s experiences over time we decided to produce an online training series that would remain for the benefit of all.

The series of education and training sessions had been carried out thanks to the partnership with best professionals and champions of our sport, as well as YRA team athletes.

The sessions are various, and each of them deals with precise technical aspects of the sport and related to its management.

Below are the links to follow
the topics on YRA You Tube channel

1. Jens Fredricson. Ground training and long reins.

2. Jos Lansink and Pieter Clemens. Tips on flatwork, pols, combinations and lines.


3. Franke Sloothaak and Laura Klaphake. Tips on flatwork, pols, combinations, lines and distances.


4. Henk Nooren. Showjumping suggestions.

5. Ben Schroder. Young horses.

6. S. Varela, L. Konikx, U. Vezzani. Course designing advices for accurate jumping practices.

7. Jean Maurice Bonneau. The management of high-level goal.

8. Laura Klaphake. Organization and planning for a training week.

9. Franke Sloothaak Laura Klaphake and Michael G Duffy. Turns and Water jumps.