is a non-profit association founded by a group of professionals with a passion for horses, and representatives of equestrian institutions.

The young Riders Academy program has been developed by Athenaeum under the patronage of the European Equestrian Federation, with the cooperation of the International Jumping Riders Club and the support of Rolex.

Institutional Academic Partners are:
Franklin University Switzerland,
Uppsala University Sweden.


The world of sports is evolving fast, and athletes must become managers of themselves to achieve their ambitious goals.

The equestrian sport, for reasons related to its nature and complexity, has lagged behind the others.

The above scenario inspired the Athenaeum working group, and the young Riders Academy is the outcome.


Stakeholders mission is

  • To identify key projects.
  • To select key players.
  • To link with sponsors.
  • To manage budgets.
  • To coordinate commissions activities.

Sport commission

The sport commission’s activity is

  • To select the candidates.
  • To organize selection classes.
  • To coordinate the training program.
  • To shape and to manage riding clinics.
  • To follow up with the riders after training.
  • To manage the veterinary and anti-doping lectures.


  • Eleonora Moroni Ottaviani
  • Breido Graf zu Rantzau

Sport Manager:

  • Sven Holmberg

Chef d’Equipe and Technical Advisor:

  • Jean-Maurice Bonneau

Selection Panel:

  • Otto Becker
  • Jean-Maurice Bonneau
  • Emile Hendrix
  • Franke Sloothaak

Education commission

The education commission’s activity is

  • To coordinate the mental coaching and team building sessions.
  • To organize the business and economics, marketing and communication lectures.
  • To manage the legal conference.


  • Valentina Ottaviani
  • Mariafederica Pacces