Celebrating its 10th edition, A Young Riders Academy continues to evolve and thrive, marking a decade of remarkable progress.


This year, again, as a testament to the growing success of this initiative, we extend our invitation to your promising riders aged between 18 and 23.

This journey has surpassed again our expectations, and we are very grateful for your unwavering support throughout the years.

The thrill of witnessing these athletes' growth and accomplishments, including numerous medals and performances at the YR European Championships, along with several riders proudly representing their countries at the Senior Championships from 2017 to 2023 - earning not only participation but also medals - fills us with pride. We hope this success brings equal satisfaction to your Federation.

From the outset, our primary goal has been to forge connections across different cohorts, fostering companionship and collaboration.

In 2024, after ten years, we are resolute in continuing this approach.

In addition to comprehensive sports and academic training, athletes will participate in clinics and various events aimed at strengthening bonds of friendship and cooperation, fundamental to the YRA's mission.

The core spirit of a young Riders Academy remains committed to nurture and train show jumping's emerging talents, preparing them for successful careers as professionals in this sport.

Once again, the program offers a unique opportunity for five to eight promising riders to undergo several months of training and boarding at a well-established, experienced professional stable.

Furthermore, it includes comprehensive education covering vital topics such as Veterinary Science, Business & Economics, Sponsoring & Communication, Athlete’s Well-being, and Legal Aspects.

Each European Federation is encouraged to nominate up to three candidates for consideration. Given the considerable volume of applicants, we reserve the right to conduct a preliminary assessment based on age and riding skills showcased in videos accompanying each application; the selection committee - comprising Emile Hendrix, Otto Becker, Jean-Maurice Bonneau, Valentina Ottaviani, and Sven Holmberg - will identify approximately 20 to 25 riders.

Candidates will be asked to perform with two horses to the process: one horse competing in classes up to 145 and one young horse aged between 5 to 7 years. This adjustment is essential to provide the selection committee with a more comprehensive evaluation of riding skills and ensure an impartial and fair selection process.

Final selection for 2024 program will primarily be based on flat work, jumping results, availability of suitable horses, and an assessment of the candidate's personal profile.

This final selection will take place in Peelbergen March 11 - 12.

Detailed information will be communicated by Sven Holmberg at the beginning of February.

By the end of March, the panel will finalize the list of participants to YRA Team 2024.

Notable trainers such as Franke Sloothaak, Marco Kutscher, Scott Brash, Jos Lansink, Henk Nooren, Ben, Wim and Gerco Schröder, and Rob Ehrens are involved in this initiative. The allocation of a specific trainer to each participant will be determined by the selection committee, in consultation with the applicant. Additionally, other experienced trainers may also join the team.

It's important to note that there are no mandatory obligations for the National Federation (NF), and the program is designed not to conflict with any other plans the NF may have for their promising young riders. In fact, we are fully committed to fostering cooperation by accommodating both the planning and subsequent support of these riders.