Sweden: riders feelings

An intensive day spent among student at University of Agricultural Science, department of veterinary, in Uppsala. The focus had been on two crucial topics for our sport: detection of lameness and antidoping issues, subjects connected to each other’s indeed. Lars Roepsdorff and Marie Rhodin deeply argued about diverse issues; riders have been involved on a horse lameness testing and they have been asked to judge the severity of it. As a consequence, the conversation became even more intense. Second topic of the day, very actual nowadays, use, abuse and analysis of prohibited substances. 

Harry: " I was really impressed about the facility they have here, especially the veterinary clinic. It was most interesting to see the operating room and how it works when a horse needs to do a surgery".

Lisa Ulven: " I really liked the lameness diagnostic lesson as at the beginning I wasn’t so good to see it on the video, but after her explanation on what and where we should look for, it was much easier to detect. I think it will be very useful in the future".

Darragh: " I really appreciated the session on substances analysis and about FEI Clean Sport initiative as I think is very relevant especially on the anti-doping procedures for all".




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