International Equestrian Federation: YRA riders opinion about new entry system

FEI 2019 Entry System and YRA athletes opinions.

Pieter: "I think it’s very imperative to involve your vet when deciding to give tour horses a supplement in the food, contamination is lurking. I am also very positive concerning the new version of the entry system: there will be less pay cards and more young athletes will get chances to compete. Furthermore, the announcements of Ranking points assigned to GP U25 classes is very important for us, as future professionals".

Guido: "Indeed, the new FEI entry system will allow us, Young Riders not as high in ranking, firstly to make a good plan in advance and also to try to enter important event by showing our interest in the system".

Lisa U: " New entry system - make sure you don’t miss the deadline for the entry".

Matteo: "This new FEI entry system gives us more flexibility by specifying our preference for different competitions, allowing us as team to organize a good plan in advance".

Jenny: "I feel that the new FEI entry system will be a more transparent way of planning shows for everyone involved, both the show organizers and the athletes. Offering a fair chance to riders further down the FEI rankings".

Chloe: "The new entry system I think is an exciting initiative, hopefully bringing more opportunity to jump at higher level shows which, before, applying for would not have been possible.



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