Sven Holmberg introduction to first 2019 clinic in Bulgaria

It is time to start for the first of five clinics opened to the very young talents from the Balkans, scheduled in Bulgaria during 2019 as training for future YRA selections.

As occurred before, Jean-Maurice Bonneau will be the chief mentor, however his training will be combined with sessions with different experts like Laura Klaphake as rider, Poppy Blandford for mental coaching, Dr Stephan Montavon veterinarian issues and Emma O´Dwyer as physio therapist.

The first clinic will focus on basic skills in riding: how to organize the work on flat and how to keep the horse under control when jumping a course. Laura will lecture on new and young horses while, together with Jean-Maurice, she will perform riding exercises with two different 5-year-old.

... to be continued


Sven Holmberg

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