Homework from Bulgaria’s clinic: a diary to record progress and disappointments, every end of week!

We already look forward to the next session” affirmed Manu and Irina, two of the eleven riders who attended the Balkan’s clinic; ” It really is fantastic what we learn and the experiences we get during these trainings” continued Manu.

Within four intensive days of this first clinic, the emphasis had been on control and balance of horse and riders between fences. Jean-Maurice’s instructions paid off very well as when, ultimately, all riders managed to jump over a full course without any faults.

Laura’s intervention focused on how to manage a new horse and how to deal with young horses. First through a theoretical presentation, followed by a practical training with two 5 year old horses.

The goal of this session was also for the students to learn on how to achieve a long-term training plan. In order to, a homework has been given: each rider must write a diary of each training day, with an end of week summary to evaluate progress or disappointments. This document needs to be shared with trainers to plan work for the next major competition.

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