At CSI Balve,YRA trains on waterjump with Franke Sloothaak

"Young riders don’t practice enough. They work on oxers and verticals over and over, but never enough the wall, the waterjump and the triple!

Most of the time riders with non-spooky horses feel the water practice as an unnecessary training which produces an extreme stress. Horses though need to jump the water with a correct figure\ movement, and this become feasible only when rider approaches the water with the correct mechanism. It is definitely due to these weaknesses that horses and riders don’t have the right confidence when it comes to difficult shows" firmly explains Franke.

" What happens is that they don’t ride the correct distances and the horses don’t recognize how to Jump the water... A big oxer has the same width, is just the optic that changes.

Several times those riders with difficulties over the water, have a similar problem with the triple bar, as the parable is the same" concluded Franke directly after his training.

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