My first German Championships My first Medal! Sophie Hinners is Silver in Balve

“ I didn’t expected this podium at all as I was 5th after first round, and when, at home, with Emile we were discussing shows schedule, the first choice for this week was Peelbergen, Balve came unexpectedly" commented Sophie.
" I finished my rounds with just a time penalty, and it wasn’t in the plan...I probably misjudged the second time aloud and it came the fault, it was good for other reason and I am thrilled anyway!
Two weeks ago I won my first 2* GP and then this medal, whic indeed is the highlight of my career.  It is too early to tell if there will be others! 
Repercussions? For sure the people around will know me better; now mr Engemann has seen what I can do and he, hopefully, will take me into consideration for the future :-) “

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