The European Championship for Young Riders is on! Ottaviani's and Holmberg's points of view...

Eleonora Ottaviani: “Years ago, our goal was to have one or two athletes jumping at the Championships. Today the goal is to win medals.

A European YR Championship is certainly an important achievement, even more so it is to compete for your Team.
It is a formative experience for the rider’s personal growth, and with the YRA program, we also try to support
in finding that psychological condition key to better manage teamwork”.“A participation at the Championship for a Young Rider means a lot” stated Sven Holmberg, “ it is a stepping-stone and a confirmation of the value; while for the juniors is a different perception, they are still too young athletes and several things can occur during those years.Moreover, being part of a team at a championship is always special” continued Holmberg “ riders can build on this experience when they get a chance to compete in a Nations Cup and that involvement has a lot of impact on the following result. When riders perform properly, it is a boost for their confidence and that influences the future performances.Before attending a Championship though, athletes must be certain to be at the level. Championships can make and break a rider. I have several examples of YR and Juniors who have overestimated their horses and themselves and came out from the competitions as after a real wreck!This year we have six riders from YRA family, and we are extremely proud: Lisa Ulven and Guido Franchi (yra18), Mikey, Susan, Wilma and Elin (yra19).Some of them could easily be individual contenders and the Irish team a potential Gold. Let’s wait and see…” concluded Sven.

“ However, all this said, it must be emphasized that for professional growth what really matters, rather than the experience, is the result; therefore, a medal. Best of luck from all of us to those brilliant riders !” closed Eleonora.

" I am really looking forward to this Championship. My horse is in super form and I'm hoping for a good week" commented Mikey Pender from the Netherlands after the opening Ceremony.

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