A trainer makes a difference… and the right horse completes the picture. Team19 brainstorming collection

We, YRA, believe a great trainer makes a difference. He will enthusiastically teach their students about horsemanship and provide them with the environment needed to accomplish their goals.

Each trainer will have his own coaching philosophy and idea of how to fit a rider into the program, just need to make sure that the expectations are in line. To select the trainers’ panel, YRA looks for some key attributes: to have a documented experience with good results on authentic top level, to be able to achieve medals in Games or Championships, to have right time and location to spend with riders for longer consecutive periods, to have a clean record.

Another central aspect of a trainer is the network. A successful trainer will have a large and skilled network of experts around that he will use to help solve any issues that may arise.

Particularly for young professionals, riding is a way of life, rather than just a job; they are in it because they love dealing with horses, they love riding and they love winning challenges. To identify the right trainer to tune with is even more critical. 

Part of YRA team19 is in training at the moment and it is curious to listen to some of their opinions. “Horses as human beings have their individual personalities. To witness how every horse is so unique, it’s a must and at same time just priceless. You might think a horse hasn’t a superstar ability, but it somehow ends up at the top level. Or you can have a young superstar but for whatever reason its attitude isn’t great, so it doesn’t get to the very top. The knowhow to follow this path comes from experience and a professional rider must have all the tools to detect. Indeed, each yard has a slightly different organization, nonetheless all with a common denominator: horses must be fit with a relaxed and cool mind; their well-being is an essential element to success therefore planning, gymnastics and correct work are basic. As growing professional riders, we expect from our training with YRA to learn a bit of the way!”.

Elin is training at Emile Hendrix’s stable, Wilma at Henk Nooren’s yard, Mikey at Jos Lansink, Justin at Marco Kutscher’s place, Stanek will be soon with the Schroeder brothers while Susan will move in with the new year.

We really hope to help their dream moving forward…


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