A clinic day with YRA in Prague: starring Jos Lansink, Emma O'Dwyer and young talents from the east of Europe

The aim of this specific project is to develop the sport in eastern europe by scouting and training new talents. It is in this perspective that YRA just organised for this fall a three days clinic together with the cooperation of Jos Lansink as master trainer, Emma O'Dwyer as physio expert.

Katerina Kucerova (Cze) commented her first experience with YRA clinic series: "in this first day of clinic with Jos Lansink the riders introduced their horses. The focus was on flatwork and pole work, so that we all learned to produce a structured warm up by making their horses reactive to the aids as well as relaxed. The goal was to demonstrate a solid round over a training course consisting of various broken lines. Keeping the same rhythm, straightness same as using the corners to school the horses to teach them to accept the riders’ guidance were the main aspects the groups concentrated on. In the evening Emma O’Dwyer shared her knowledge in physiotherapy through a presentation and highlighted the importance of fitness in show jumping referring to specific professional riders incorporating various types of exercises and additional sports. Emma identified the common rider’s issues with imbalances in the body and stiffness, explaining the consequences and effects on riding. The main benefits implied by consistent exercising was prevention of an injury – alternatively, faster recovery from an injury. Also, improving  alertness and endurance that is necessary, for example, on a long day at shows".  

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