My extraordinary experience at BWG stable. Vaclav Stanek

It has now one month, since I started my training at BWG stables, which I evaluate as a great experience. The Stables are in Tubbergen - the Netherlands and run by brothers Ben, Wim and Gerco Schröder . Based on the former farm of the parents the site has slowly evolved since 1998 into a professional show jumping and trading yard for horses at national and international level. With a total of 45 new and spacious stables since December 2016 it has been completely renovated into a magnificent equestrian complex.

In my opinion, the great training places are not made only by luxurious facilities, but also by the people working there. At BWG there is an amazing team spirit, which I have never experienced in any stable before.

I arrived beginning of December, together with 3 horses: an 11 y.o. gelding Codroipo, and, thanks to the ongoing support of Czech Equestrian Team other two geldings, a 6 y.o. Don de la Baie and a 12 y.o. Idario van Het Netehof.  At BWG though, I am lucky to have the chance to ride other horses too. This means more opportunities to train with experienced horses, but also educate young horses in order to grow their potential for the future.

I love the attitude towards horses when training, here in BWG. For Ben keeping the horses natural and in balance is the most important aspect... Having the horse in front of my leg, jumping straight, never fighting with them or get angry.

He agrees to ride in my own way during jumping exercises and gives me constant detailed advice in order to achieve an easy looking bigger picture.

Wim and Gerco are also looking at my way of riding in flatwork, and when they see something that should be improved, they give me immediately instructions on how to do it.

I think that my way of riding together with Bens way of training make this experience a great match and I already feel to have learned a lot.

I recently showed with Ben in the CSI 2* at equestrian centre de Peelbergen, where I fairly jumped with Idario van het Netehof.

In January we will jump few national shows with young horses in order to gain valuable experience and move them a step forward in their level of education. With older horses, we will focus on training at home.

BWG is an amazing place and I feel extremely privileged to have the chance of spending several months with this great team. Thank you Young Riders Academy!

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