YRA moves to digital training for next few months, message from sport manager Sven Holmberg

Dear Young Riders

This year, 2020, is unprecedented in our lifetime and hopefully we will never have to go through this situation again. Most of our every day routines have changed completely, things we were taking for granted are no longer possible. It will, however, not last forever, we just don´t know now how long it will take until we are back into a situation that feels normal again. Maybe we will even come back to newer and improved circumstances due to what has happened during these months.

To give you some ideas, and to help you make the most of this time we have asked some of the trainers and some of the earlier YRA members to prepare a few “digital lessons” that we believe you will enjoy.

Hopefully you will come back even better and stronger once this is over.

A big thank you for the great contribution goes to:

  • Jos Lansink and Pieter Clemens 
  • Franke Sloothaak and Laura Klaphake
  • Jens Fredricson working Peders’ horses on long reins
  • Emma O´Dwyer giving tips on Physical fitness
  • Poppy Blandford with mental strength
  • Magalie Dubois talking about social media
  • Jean-Maurice Bonneau summing up what you can do

Not everything will be available at once but check our website from time to time to find out what is new.

Do the best of your time outside of the competitions. Give also a thought to all those in the world that have been unfortunately suffering because of the virus.

Please be careful also when restrictions are lifted, it doesn´t mean that danger is over!

Stay safe!


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