Matt Garrigan, and his success story at BWG stable

I have just completed my training with Schröder brothers and I am delighted to tell you that they have asked me to stay on and ride here for hem. 
They have taken a great interest in me and are keen to keep training me to become a better rider. They have gone over and above to make sure every moment spent on the YRA training was highly beneficial and educational.
There was never a moment I was left to my own devices, always I was in the company of either Gerco, Ben or Wim.
They made me feel very much at home here and included me in any family activities. 
I would never have had the opportunity at home to be in the company of such great riders and to have such fantastic facilities and wonderful training.This opportunity that came along with the YR Academy has changed my life indeed.

If I was to offer any advice to the Young Riders coming through it would be the following:

To commit 100% to you training.

To present yourself professionally.

To absorb all the experience with the top level riders that you are training with.

Not to be lazy to work and be available.

Be motivated, dedicated and focused.

To listen to all the advices given and put into action.

To be friendly to your co workers/riders.

Be honourable at all times.

To be enthusiastic to learn.

To engage with your trainers and don't be afraid to ask questions, you will never be alone.

Be grateful and appreciate their hospitality.

Be thankful for your Sponsors.

And untimely enjoy every moment.

I am ever grateful to the Academy and Rolex for their kind sponsorship and I will do all proud as I carry out my new role here in Holland.

I hope I will always remain part of the Academy Family, I will keep you posted on any future successes I may have and a big thank you again.

Matt Garrigan

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