Watch out for talented runner ups, they are ready for top sport. Jean Maurice Bonneau

It happened on Saturday, on the competition arena of The Dutch masters, where young Jack Whitaker really took his chance to prove he was worthy of the YRA wild card.

He is a great talent, the son of one of the utmost riders of all time, who yet is learning how essential are other facets, in addition to the technical one, to achieve prestigious goals.

It also happened in Gorla Minore, where Richard, Georgia, both Guidos and Jack (Rayan), facing many other great champions, solved difficulties and gained successes.

Georgia, in her first Nations Cup debut, finished two challenging courses with just one time penalty. Richie, in Nc, revised faults made in the first lap, showing great technical maturity. Guido Klatte, Guido Franchi and Jack Ryan have all collected high quality clear rounds and we are indeed very delighted of this.

Although, what we are most proud of, in addition to sporting results for which athletes get huge merit, is the attitude off the arena, the mental approach, the management of routine, all aspects in which YRA invests and insists enormously.

We are convinced that much more is yet to come!

Jean Maurice Bonneau

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