• September 5, 2022

A note from Sven Holmberg, sport manager

Our students have been performing well during the summer; culminating with Joe winning a team Bronze at World Championship. 

Philipp, one of the top riders, sadly, has been seriously injured and it will take several weeks before he can be back on the saddle. His YRA training will be scheduled accordingly. 

Joanna and Gilles are travelling to Rob Ehrens and will be his students in October and November.

Joe, in the next weeks, will move to Jos Lansink for a period to deep dive on flat work. Conor and Sofia will follow their coaching schedule in October, after Sweden education session.

Zoe is still at BWG stable happily concluding her training session with the Schröders together with Jodie, Lynda, and Matt.

Ignacio is now working at Ludger Beerbaum’s stable, waiting his horses to recover to continue his learning journey and Alexander just moved to Holland for an exciting new job.