• August 9, 2023

Seven YRA riders at the Jumping European Championship in Milano from August 30th

“We are very pleased with the results achieved over the years by these young athletes. We are content with how they have developed both as athletes and as women and men. They are skilled professionals who understand the value of true sportsmanship and engage with this increasingly complex ecosystem. We are grateful to the forward-thinking organizing committees that have understood the importance of always providing an opportunity for young talents, and we are thankful to the federations and Chefs d'Equipe who have supported and guided us in our choices. Following and supporting the seven athletes who have been part of the YRA program during the upcoming European Championship will certainly be a great excitement. Perhaps this won't be their moment just yet, but their names will surely reappear in high-level sports for the next ten years".

Whishing Francesca, Adam, Eoin, Giampiero, Harry, Michael and Mickey the best of luck !

Eleonora Ottaviani