• September 8, 2023

YRA team 23, second educational session in Sweden with Gold Medal Jens Fredricson

Indeed, YRA always strives to seize opportunities for the benefit of its athletes, and the recently concluded second educational session in Sweden was certainly an excellent example of this system. The presence of Jens Fredricson, the newly crowned Team European champion, as a guest and honorary lecturer, was undoubtedly a engaging choice. Here are some comments from our students about this experience.

“ I had a fantastic time during this session with Jens. The experience was incredibly enriching as I absorbed a wealth of knowledge through the art of loose jumping. It was truly enlightening to witness the impeccable judgment of a professional like Jens when evaluating a horse, and to understand the qualities he deems paramount. I was particularly struck by his unwaveringly positive outlook and his approach to strategic planning for championship events. His words were not just motivating, but truly inspirational, and I greatly admired his resolute mindset”.  NIAMH

“I was frankly impressed by how Jens handles challenging moments or personal mistakes. For instance, when he narrowly missed an individual medal at the European Championship due to a fault he acknowledged as his own, he maintained his composure admirably. In stark contrast, I often find myself getting upset or frustrated when I make an error, but Jens' approach is truly enlightening. He actively seeks to understand what went wrong, focusing on improvement for the future. This mindset not only makes it mentally easier to cope with mistakes but also underscores his depth of experience as an accomplished horseman” THIBEAU (SPITS)

“I was touched when Jens shared: I may not be among the top riders, but I give my absolute best and, most importantly, I find joy in what I do - This heartfelt sentiment echoed deeply with me. Moreover, I greatly admire Jens' strategic approach to preparing his horse for championship events. Instead of rushing into numerous big shows, he prioritizes ensuring his horse is in peak condition when it truly matters. This patient and methodical approach to training and competition is truly worthy”. MIRA

“One of the most impactful insights shared by Jens was his emphasis on having a constant sense of purpose, a perpetual drive for self-improvement. He stressed the importance of setting goals and continually aspiring to do better. His words resonated truly with me as he highlighted the significance of unwavering commitment, particularly when striving for success in championship events. Jens' advice was clear: give your absolute best, pour your wholehearted focus and dedication into your efforts. If, by any chance, the outcome doesn't align with your expectations, don't let it deflate your spirit. Instead, view it as an opportunity to learn and grow, pinpointing areas for improvement to enhance your performance in the future - His message was a reminder that continuous self-improvement is the key to achieving greatness in any endeavor”. LILY

"Absolutely inspiring! It was a privilege to be in the presence of such a remarkable individual. Many riders would benefit immensely from studying his impeccable track record. What sets him apart is his approach: he's not fixated on climbing the ranking list, but rather on meticulously preparing for each show to extract the utmost potential from both himself and his horses. Truly top-class." SEAN

“I was impressed with how he explained his preparation for the European Championship and the way he discussed the critical elements of motivation and discipline within the Swedish team. It was equally fascinating to gain insights into his strategies for managing stress and handling disappointments during competitions.” EGOR