• February 29, 2024

"A life changing experience" the graduated YRA Team 2023

During this journey, we have been guided by equestrian professionals with wide experience, a wealth of knowledge, and innovative mindset. A life changing experience for several of us.

We are fully aware that this journey has provided a valuable opportunity for both personal and professional growth. 

We are committed to applying these teachings to the best of our abilities, as we learned that is our responsibility to give our horses the finest management to ensure that they are at top.

These educational sessions have been powerful, filled with insights, reflections, and shared commitment to the profound concept of equestrian sport. It's a concept that resonates with each one of us, as we believe that also respecting our horses is the key to every success. Our equine partners are athletes as well, and without them, we cannot be champions.


YRA Team 2023