• April 18, 2024

YRA team 24, first riding clinic with Franke Sloothaak. Striving for that perfect ride.

" When the horse has a difficult character, sometimes you encounter a few challenges, however, this is part of the process. 

It's not that we are against it, it becomes just much more difficult.

That's why sometimes, when we're riding and we want to change the horse, even in difficult moment, we have to keep going, and eventually, when they understand and accept the inputs, everything starts to flow smoothly.

They quickly show willingness to follow, and then it's no longer a problem. 

Although the challenges are there, and sometimes when you're riding and want to make changes, it can feel daunting.

If you lack experience or the insight gained from working with thousands of horses over many years, it's unrealistic to expect results in a day. You must work toward improvement, with perseverance, step by step.

The key is to correct your position and balance to exert the right influence on your horse. 

Eventually, you'll see positive results and gain valuable skills that apply to other horses with different challenges. The goal is not to fight against the horse but to guide it correctly.

Understanding the nuances of horse behavior and movement is crucial. For instance, if a horse is lazy or unresponsive, it indicates issues that need addressing. Improving hind leg engagement can lead to better overall movement and responsiveness.

It's important to be adaptable. 

Horses can vary greatly, especially under competition pressure where they may perform differently. 

Learning to read these situations and adjust training accordingly is part of the journey.

Experience is key. Every day is a learning opportunity. It's vital to approach each ride with openness, leaving behind previous challenges. If you have questions or need guidance, feel free to ask.

We're all constantly learning and improving, striving for that perfect ride!"

by Franke Sloothaak