• June 10, 2024

Vaclav and his first 5* Grand Prix win.

We are starting Monday after another weekend of exciting competitions, both individual and team. Once again, there are excellent results among the YRA participants. One victory, in particular, stands out: Vaclav Stanek's first-place finish, making him the first athlete from the Czech Republic to win a five-star grand prix. Riding his mount, Quintin, he delivered two exceptional rounds, making his entire entourage proud.

Following the completion of his YRA program in 2019, Vaclav moved to Canada to take on an important professional role at Daniel Coyle's stable. In a recent interview with Equestrian Times Magazine, he described his YRA experience as an invaluable opportunity to improve his knowledge and build trust.

"I learned that being fair to others and working hard always pays off in the end. I was fortunate to experience this during my YRA training with Ben, Wim, and Gerco Schröder. All three brothers really led by example; their work ethic and dedication were evident every day. Their commitment, both in the ring and the stables, was inspiring—from helping with morning stable work to working hard throughout the day riding horses or assisting riders like me. I admired how they maintained a friendly atmosphere and team spirit throughout the experience," Vaclav shared.

We are extremely proud of this young man, who is building a brilliant career. The best is yet to come.

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