• July 8, 2024

The CHIO Aachen dreaming week

The CHIO Aachen week is always a special time for many enthusiasts of our sport, and especially for the athletes who work tirelessly to earn a spot among the lucky riders. This edition saw an impressive seven riders from the YRA family take part. Veteran Bertram Allen ( YRA team 2014), with two extraordinary clear rounds, contributed to Ireland’s magnificent victory. Richie Vogel also delivered outstanding performances, securing four wins and an unfortunate third place in the prestigious Rolex Grand Prix. Unfortunate because, after two perfect clear rounds and approaching the conclusion of the third with the fastest time, his horse lightly touched the last fence with back leg, which fell just fractions of a second before the finish line. What a remarkable pair they are. “My horse United Touch S just jumped amazingly, and he feels in great shape – he was really fighting for me today. It has been a dream week!”

Special credit goes to Kendra, who delivered a double clear for Germany in the Nations Cup, along with an excellent round in the Rolex GP and a second one with an unlucky fence down.“ I am very disappointed with my second round, but my horse had been just amazing” declared Kendra.

Thibeau and Lars, both competed in the Nations Cup, delivering excellent results. Jenny also had a very good debut throughout the week. 

Unfortunately, poor Harry had a mishap during his final class on Friday, just three weeks before the Olympics, resulting in a fractured arm. We wish him a speedy recovery for Paris.

Sharing stories of weeks like these is an emotional experience, and knowing that we contributed, even in a small way, to the extraordinary journey of these young professionals makes us feel a bit proud. Never stop dreaming.