Welcome to a YRA for jumping

In equestrian sport ... we are champions of dreams.
At the time, few years ago, when we started to consider this project, we would never have imagined to end up dealing with such a scenario. Furthermore, we were not expecting to live and enjoy so many exciting situations with these athletes, as we actually are.

While on the one hand, Riders Academy forces us to commit a lot on many aspects: selection, finances, education sessions, clinics organization, invitations for major events such as World Cups, CSI5 * ,CSIOs, debut at Senior European Championships; on the other hand to see these young people growing up, both as humans and as athletes, is really rewarding. All this brings into our Board a charge of enthusiasm and, maybe, even a bit of youthfulness.

Our goal, with the support of the best professionals, is: to make these guys and girls aware of what a great champion needs as extensive knowledge in veterinary, anti-doping, legal issues, fair play and ethics, marketing, business and economics; to allow them to live next to their idols for a period of time where they can learn from them; to give them the chance of entering showgrounds all athletes dream or have dreamt of and to watch them coming out with a smile of satisfaction…

Trying to implement all this and to perceive their happiness and gratitude with the awareness of being able to do something concrete for the future of our sport…all this is priceless!
Are we really dreaming ? .... Perhaps when a project originates from the heart, and it is supported by real passion, even a dream can come true.

At the end, our aim is:
To help young talents to obtain success, to show the world what they are worth, to give them a solid foundation to become athletes or champions in sports and in life, as men or women of true values.

Eleonora Moroni Ottaviani, Breido Graf zu Rantzau, Giuseppe Bianchi