Welcome to a YRA for jumping

In equestrian sport ... we are champions of dreams!

"When we first began considering this journey years ago, we never could have imagined the scenarios we're dealing with now. However, we're incredibly grateful for the exciting situations we've experienced alongside these talented athletes.
The Riders Academy demands a significant commitment from us on various fronts, including selection, finances, education sessions, clinics organization, and invitations to major events such as World Cups, CSI5 *, CSIOs, and debut at Senior European Championships.
Nonetheless, witnessing these young individuals grow both personally and professionally has been immensely rewarding. Their progress fuels our Board with enthusiasm and a sense of youthfulness.

Our mission, with the support of top professionals, is to instill in these young riders the knowledge a great champion requires, including veterinary care, anti-doping protocols, legal issues, fair play, ethics, marketing, business, and economics. We also aim to offer them the opportunity to learn from their idols and enter showgrounds they've always dreamed of, ultimately seeing them exit with a smile of satisfaction.
The chance to implement these goals and witness the athletes' happiness and gratitude is priceless.

Are we really dreaming? Perhaps when a venture originates from the heart, and is fueled by genuine passion, even a dream can come true.

Ultimately, our aim is, and always will be, to support young talents in achieving success, demonstrating their worth to the world, and providing them with a solid foundation to become athletes and champions in sports and in life, as individuals who embody true values"

Eleonora Moroni Ottaviani, Breido Graf zu Rantzau